Monday, July 21, 2008


aw man, i miss this little blog! i really really want to write new things, but i must make it a habit again. keeping this thing updated has been a real challenge since i haven't had regular during-the-day access to a computer. even if i weren't in a courtroom all day and if i had a computer (or even a desk) to use and the time to use it, the stupid county blocks practically every website that has even vaguely interesting content on it, so i doubt blogger would be accessible.

the short version of things lately is like this...

i love my job. I LOVE MY JOB. i'm getting paid (but not very much) to spend my time doing something i actually give a shit about. today i pissed off two cops. i later apologized to one of them because he didn't really deserve my wrath, but the other one can fuck right off for making my guy pay restitution to the county for crime lab fees. totally uncool. and if i hadn't been outside the courtroom when his case was called, explaining to another client what was going on with her case, i would have raised so much hell about that restitution issue (because district magistrates do NOT have power to hold attorneys in contempt).

i will now fully admit that writing about my job makes me nervous.

i got a new set of golf irons. cobra FPs. they totally rule. they have flowers on them, because apparently the entire golf industry thinks that lady golfers have the aesthetic taste of four year old girls, but at least the club shafts are blue and not pink. i dunno know when was the last time you were in a store that sells golf stuff, but almost all the things for women are pink or pastel and practically scream not to be taken seriously. yes -- this offends me. my golfing skills proclaim loudly enough that i shouldn't be taken seriously; my clubs should just shut the hell up.

on saturday, carson and i woke up ridiculously hungover (because of sid's birthday celebration the night before) and all i could think about was getting a giant big gulp from 7-11 filled with gatorade. this was a profound need that had to be met or else i was sure i would transform into a sad and thirsty pile of dust. so to 7-11 i went and i purchased the biggest drink i've ever seen in my life. it was 64 ounces, which is truly an absurdly stupid amount of liquid. it took carson and me several hours to drink. and i swear it made me happier than any other $1.92 purchase ever has before.

and finally, um, i can't stop watching this. seriously. i watch it over and over and it never stops being funny. you should watch it, too. and then watch it again.

okay, that's all for now. i'm going to read over my cases for tomorrow and then get some sleep. i miss you, throckmorton!


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